Homemakers, Companions and Sitters for Seniors and Elderly in New Milford


Some things a companion MAY do or assist with:

  • Escort client to recreational activity or medical, dental or business appointment
  • Supervise self-performance of activities of daily living (walking, dressing, grooming, etc.)
  • Remind client to take self-administered medications
  • Monitor to ensure client's safety
  • Assist with telephone calls and written communication
  • Report changes in client's needs or condition to family, doctor and office
  • Read to a client
  • Prepare a light meal or snack


Some things a homemaker MAY do or assist with:

  • Change clients linens
  • Wash client's dishes
  • Perform light housecleaning (client living area)
  • Do client's laundry
  • Plan and prepare meals
  • Communicate health problems or other changes to the supervisor or care manager
  • Shop or run errands
  • Iron or mend client's clothing
  • Conduct correspondence