Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

Job Description and Qualifications:

  1. HS Diploma or GED
  2. Respect for confidentiality i.e., HIPAA Compliance
  3. Dependable and efficient
  4. Flexible in meeting various situations
  5. Ability to work independently
  6. Good personal grooming
  7. Basic communication skills
  8. Reliable transportation to and from work
  9. Ability to meet scheduling requirements
  10. Ability to complete reports on individual clients
  11. Must be accessible by telephone
  12. Ability to lift, bend, climb, carry and generally exert a moderate amount of physical exertion in order to accomplish the required household chores
  13. Ability to access multi-level situations

Job Responsibilities - for Medicaid Recipients* and Private Clients:

  1. Routine light housekeeping – such as making and changing beds, dusting, dishes, keeping kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy, vacuuming, shopping or other light housekeeping tasks as requested by client
  2. Light laundry (not curtains, bedspreads, etc.) – provide light laundry service to include carrying, sorting, washing, hanging and gathering, separating and storage
  3. Prepare meals – include meal planning and special diet implementation
  4. Marketing and errands – grocery shopping, pharmacy
  5. Accompany clients on visits to physicians or other appointments
  6. Assist in promoting mental alertness of the client through conversation and other activities
  7. Accompany the client on walks outside of the home
  8. May be asked to assist in the emptying and sanitizing of portable commodes

* for Medicaid Recipients, please refer to the duties listed for homemaker vs. companion.

Private Clients:

(Includes above list plus:)

  1. Remind the client to take self administered medications (chart as needed)
  2. Personal Care to consist of:
    • Bathing: bed, tub, shower, or sponge bath
    • Oral hygiene: dentures and or special mouth care
    • Body positioning and alignment as indicated
    • Hair Care: brush, comb, shampoo – wet or dry
  3. Other designated duties may be:
    • Skin Care: back care, foot soak and/or shave
    • Dressing: assist client with dressing and undressing
  4. Assistance and Records:
    • Other assistance: to include but not limited transfers to a chair, wheelchair or commode, bathroom or raised toilet seat
    • Ambulating assistance: with walker, cane, crutches or stand-by assistance
    • Bed making: occupied or unoccupied
    • Fluid: encourage intake or limit intake – record
    • Elimination: to bathroom, bedpan, urinal or commode – sanitizing
    • Bowel movements: record
    • Urine output: record