Personal Care Attendants/Assistants

Services provided Include:

  • Routine light housekeeping – such as making and changing beds, dusting, dishes, keeping kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy, vacuuming, shopping or other light housekeeping tasks as requested by client
  • Light laundry (not curtains, bedspreads, etc.) – provide light laundry service to include carrying, sorting, washing, hanging and gathering, separating and storage
  • Prepare meals – include meal planning and special diet implementation
  • Marketing and errands – grocery shopping, pharmacy
  • Accompany clients on visits to physicians or other appointments
  • Assist in promoting mental alertness of the client through conversation and other activities
  • Accompany the client on walks outside of the home
  • May be asked to assist in the emptying and sanitizing of portable commodes

* for Medicaid Recipients, please refer to the duties listed for homemaker vs. companion.

Private Clients:

(Includes above list plus:)

  •     Remind the client to take self administered medications (chart as needed)
  •     Personal Care to consist of:
    • Bathing: bed, tub, shower, or sponge bath
    • Oral hygiene: dentures and or special mouth care
    • Body positioning and alignment as indicated
    • Hair Care: brush, comb, shampoo – wet or dry
  •     Other designated duties may be:
    • Skin Care: back care, foot soak and/or shave
    • Dressing: assist client with dressing and undressing
  •     Assistance and Records:
    • Other assistance: to include but not limited to transfers to a chair, wheelchair or commode, bathroom or raised toilet seat
    • Ambulating assistance: with walker, cane, crutches or stand-by assistance
    • Bed making: occupied or unoccupied
    • Fluid: encourage intake or limit intake – record
    • Elimination: to bathroom, bedpan, urinal or commode – sanitizing
    • Bowel movements: record
    • Urine output: record

Duties of a Professional Nurse:

  • Providing individual client care including assessment, care planning with client and family, direct implementation of care and evaluation
  • Providing teaching for client and family regarding disease, use of equipment and supplies
  • Providing medication pours and management; monitoring client's condition advising physician and family of any changes in status
  • Maintaining supplies and equipment for safe and optimal functioning
  • Integrating care with other appropriate health services
  • Providing referrals when needed and/or when requested

Duties of our para-professionals:

  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL's)
  • Assistance with Dressing
  • Hygiene assistance including showering, bathing, skin care with lotion, shampoo, teeth and denture care
  • Meal Planning, preparing and serving
  • Monitor client's activities ensuring safety
  • Transportation/Escort to doctor's visits, shopping, and errands - grocery store, pharmacy
  • Remind client to take self-administered medications
  • Keeping family informed of client's needs and/or changes in condition
  • Engaging client in conversation and activities of interest promoting mental alertness
  • Assistance with transfers to and from bed, chair, wheelchair, commode, and toilet
  • Ambulating assistance for safety with wheelchair, cane, crutches, or standby monitoring
  • Monitoring and recording food and fluid intake, elimination, bowel movements, urine output and body weight.